Most user-facing irdest applications and tools are still very work-in-progress. Target platforms include Linux, MacOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. However currently only Linux and Android are supported!

Following are instructions on how to build the main irdest router daemon on Linux, which enables you to join a irdest network over the internet.


  1. Clone with git

    $ git clone
    $ cd irdest
  2. If you have nix installed on your system you can fetch all dependencies by running nix-shell. Otherwise install these dependencies manually:

    • rustup (you need rustc v1.42 or higher)
    • libsodium
    • pkg-config
    • llvm
    • clang
  3. Now you can build the irdest-hubd target with cargo:

    $ cargo build --bin irdest-hubd --release
    $ ./target/release/irdest-hubd

Congratulations! Now consult the users manual on how to configure the daemon!


The irdest Android app is currently still a prototype and not intended for end-users. Building it requires a full Android development setup installed on your system. To make the Rust cross-compilation easier, we created a docker build environment!

  1. Clone the main irdest repo as before:

    $ git clone
    $ cd irdest/clients/android
  2. Cross-compile the Rust libraries via docker:

    $ ./

    This will take a while!

  3. Now you can build the main Android application with gradle:

    $ ./gradlew dist