Before downloading, please beware that this is alpha stage software and as such it will have bugs and produce crashes. Please do not expect to be able to rely on this software in production setups.

That being said: we want to improve Irdest for everyone so if you experience a crash, please report the issue to our issue tracker or our community mailing ist!

The main way to use Irdest at the moment is by installing and configuring the Ratman decentralised peer-to-peer routing daemon.

Distribution packages

You can find pre-made packages for several Linux and BSD distributions. Consult the following table for details.

Packaging status

Static/ portable binaries

As part of our CI pipeline we build static binaries for Ratman and associated tools. You can grab the latest successful build of the Ratman release branch below

Building from source

If your platform does not yet have a package, you can build Ratman from source.

  1. Clone with git

    $ git clone
    $ cd irdest
  2. If you have nix installed on your system you can fetch all dependencies by running nix-shell. Otherwise install these dependencies manually:

    • rustc (you need rustc v1.55 or higher)
    • protobuf (with support for proto3)
    • pkg-config
    • libsodium
    • llvm
    • clang
  3. Now you can build the ratmand target with cargo:

    $ cargo build --bin ratmand --features "daemon" --release
    $ ./target/release/ratmand

Congratulations! Now consult the user manual on how to configure the daemon!