Irdest Download

Before downloading, please beware that this is alpha stage software and as such it will have bugs and produce crashes. Please do not expect to be able to rely on this software in your day-to-day setup.

That being said: we want to improve Irdest for everyone so if you experience a crash, please report the issue to our issue tracker or our community mailing ist!

There are several ways to install Irdest. Check the instructions for your platform below.

Currently only Linux systems running systemd are actively being tested on!

Distribution packages

You can find pre-made packages for several Linux and BSD distributions. Consult the following table for details.

Packaging status

Portable/ stand-alone binaries

If you’re using a distribution which currently doesn’t have a package available you can install Irdest/ Ratman via the stand-alone Irdest bundle. The bundle includes all major Irdest applications, an installer, and a copy of the user manual.